Would any other Nigerian have fared better in the circumstance that Goodluck Jonathan, the President of Nigeria, has found himself?
There is an ongoing Islamic Insurgency, and as you come into office, the violence takes on a most viral form. Infrastructures are razed down and human life becomes too too shortish in areas where your fellow Countrymen had predicted armaggedon, should Jonathan become President.

You are soon made to realise that no single person from your zone is fitted with any modicum of intelligence to rule a nation which is hundred percent dependent on the only resources which these “intelligent” beings from the North and Southwest  have been mining for 50 years, from your backyard leaving no dime for the owners.

Then the same wise and so called majority folks begin the looking down game on you from day one of your Presidency. Sadly too, your brothers, not really dissecting the motives of these latter day saints and miracle specialist born to rule religious and ethnic bigots, join the fray and begin to believe in the wickedly crafted schemes of the very people that are making things tough for you.

The haters of Goodluck Jonathan, hate every South Southerner in the same way and with the same measure. They look upon every South Southerner with the same amount of condescending eyes and have no respect for anybody emanating from this zone.

If Jonathan had been a radicalised person, from all the insults and taunts he has received so far, he could have long ago called off the bluff and dealt decisively with his detractors. These folks from the North and South West are not intellectually and otherwise, more endowed than any person from the South South. Infact they can not match any one from this zone in any department of knowledge.

There is therefore no problems in Goodluck Jonathan’s stars. The problem is in the way the Northern and Southwest folks see themselves as the best people to dominate and exploit the resources of the Niger Delta people so that they can continue to maintain their lavish lifestyles. Anybody can preside over the affairs of Nigeria. It does not require any special skills to do this.

If Goodluck Jonathan can not tackle corruption, it may well be because previous occupiers of his position had ensured that corruption became calcified before they left office. If Jonathan can not fight insecurity, it could well be as a result of the sworn agenda by the folks up North never to recognise an Infidel as a President. Because of Jonathan, they want an Islamic State.

Would they still want and Islamic state when they clinch the Presidency?  How would the Northerner President be sure that a typical Niger Deltan would ever remain loyal to him given the treatment meted to them via Jonathan in this dispensation?

All those who lampoon Jonathan after creating insurmountable obstacles on his path are daydreaming if they believe that every other person is on the same page with them.

I do not know Goodluck Jonathan in person. I am not in a hurry to know him. But I do sincerely believe that given the environment in which he is operating and all the darts thrown on his every step, he could not and I doubt if any one else, would have performed better. History will judge all.

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In Nigeria, it appears that one of the initiation rites of a newly sworn in State Governor, is the vocalisation of the quest for foreign investors. After this rite has been duly performed, the next task is the commencement of several trips abroad to go get these foreign investors. There has never been any attempt though to break down the fields of investment for which these foreign investors are sought. It has always been “Foreign Investors” whether you like it or not.

That there has not been corresponding increase in the number of foreign investors, in relation to the number of frequent trips abroad by these Governors, is the 10th wonder of the world. Even by this serious statistical gap, it may not be gratifying to rush to the conclusion that our Governors were lying to us. It will give us more satisfaction to view the development as part of statesmanship of our very efficient leaders and when this is taken side by side with the very prudent disposition of our leaders, and then think about why Ibori was convicted in a London Court in error, you can only congratulate our Governors for their selfless efforts to serve their people.

There are no local investors.  This must be the message our Governors are transmitting to us. After all, none of us was there when our Governor was being selected for us. Was he not a consensus candidate? In the same spirit, our governor must be able to select the foreign investor he so wish to jet out and contact with a view to bringing him down to his state. And it does appear that these foreign investors are as common as those job men who crowd around city centres every morning for anybody to come hire.

That this act of going abroad to scout for investors is not quite clear to the electorate, is not in doubt. That the results of this frequent trips is not felt and that there are no benefits derived from this trips, should stir the conscience of our leaders, to use the remaining period of their tenure to ask God for forgiveness for all the hardships they have brought on their people.

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The only semblance of development in the Niger Delta could be seen in the State Capitals of this region. These State Cspitals are thousands of miles from the oil bearing communities whose citizens have continued to live in squalor despite the so called 13% derivation funds. The Governors of these States, not being indigenes of the oil bearing communities, ensure that the 13% derivation funds are exhausted in the development of their own hamlets leaving the real area in need of development bereft of every amenity. It is as a result of this criminal neglect of the oil bearing communities, not by the Fed Government, but by the State Governors, that has made it urgent for the stakeholders to now call on the Federal Government to send the Derivation funds directly to the oil bearing communities.

The poverty in the oil bearing communities is palpable. There is no where else in Nigeria that you could find such level of poverty. There are no functional schools, no hospitals and no portable water. Forget what the Governors from this zone are telling the CNN. The oil bearing communities are dead zones and only surviving at the mercy of God.

The 13% derivation funds end up in the pockets of a few chronic and serial corrupt state officials and their cronies. Even the NDDC, has always been there to feather the nest of the same public officers and their cronies. How many poor villagers can afford owing a company to lobby for jobs in the NDDC? Every patronage is enjoyed by the few select group and the poor of the poor continue to slide into extinction.

If nothing is done to correct the anomaly of giving money from derivation to the wrong people, this boko haram we are seeing in the North of Nigeria will be a plaything when compared to the havoc that would emanate from the real suppressed people of the oil bearing communities of the Delta.

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When two individuals engage in a political fight and later decide to settle their differences, it may not be difficult to reconcile the two individuals. But consider this scenario,  one of the opponents resorts to annihilation of members of the tribe of his enemy and goes ahead to kill, kidnap and marginalise them, so they would not be in any position to constitute a threat to his administration, and then suddenly the two fighters suddenly go in for reconciliation. Those killed and assasinated in the battle for supremacy, who will reconcile their souls?

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission is the option in this kind of situation. The survivors and relations of those killed must be made to face those who assassinated their loved ones, those who raped their victims must be exposed, their sponsors must own up and then and then can there be true reconciliation.

What is rather baffling is the one feature always exhibited by people who indulge in unnecesary snuffing of life from their helpless victims. Every effort is made to distance themselves from a crime that known or unknown to them, every one around them know, they committed. Their sponsors too, indulge in this posturing. 

And when almost the whole human race is conned into believing and accepting the child of satan as a saint, one begins to doubt the existence of an all seeing God. The tiny minority of the children of God still retaining the true spirit of God, must remain steadfast and avoid the company of evil men. It wont be too long before the scales tumble down the eyes of the lost ones.

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From Moh Ibrahim foundation index on corruption to the UN criteria on poor governance, Nigeria has not been very lucky to come clean in performance. There is this Perception Index that claims Nigeria is the 35th most corrupt country in the world. Although the Nigerian government has countered that perception is different from reality, a lot of folks seem to believe the PI.

If Nigeria were to be a human being, these multitude of negatives of tests would have been interpreted to mean a systemic failure with a very grave prognosis. Still it may not be out of place to begin to feel sorry for a Country with all these unenviable statistical drawbacks.

What baffles one is how a country that was colonised by HM the Queen, would slip so fast into decay so soon after the flag had been changed. Whereas Countries in the same circumstance like Malaysia are doing extremely well.

What then is missing in the Nigerian Federation that would so configure it to fail in this manner? The talents abound, the human resources, the size and natural reources for a vibrant economy, are more than enough to catapult it to the most prosperous country in the world. What is that thing that weighs this potentially great country down?

There is a foundational problem. It appears that this faulty foundation and the strange economics of sharing money from the centre to the states and local government, has ensured that the productive capability of her people has become extinct and every one is perpetually holding out for the milk from the national breast at the end of every month. Money is gotten not from work or labour, money is gotten not from earnings and wages, not from taxes paid to government, but from how large your land mass and how large your population is.

There is no country in this world where this type of economy is practiced and there is no country in the world where there is great development where a central government exists only to collect revenue and share.

The US, China and other developed economies do not engage in these voodoo economics. Nigeria is about the only country that does this. This has resulted in the billion and trillion Naira corruption we are hearing every day and the position Nigeria is placed in all the International Assessement reports.

The section 162 of the Nigerian Constitution must be removed and thrown into the dustbin. Every region should go look for her resources to develop and pay tax to the centre. The Central government should go look for Defence and Foreign Affairs to handle. This is what a true federal system allows. And this is the only way Nigeria can take her rightful place in the comity of civilized and developed Countries.

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The Nigerian House of Representatives is one legislature in the world that could yield so much material for any fresh academic, to effortlessly gather for as many Phd thesis as he desires. If you have an interest in analysing the quantum of ego amongst legislators in Nigeria as compared to other legislatures in the world, there is surplus material for this project. If you want to have your thesis on the jumbo allowance of the legislators here as compared to other legislators the world over, you have enough material to finish your project in less than one week.

My immediate concern now is to look at the most recent tantrum of these honourables as regards their refusal to attend to the team from the Securities and Exchange Commission, who had gone to defend their 2013 Budget. The SEC team was walked out because their DG, Ms. Arunma Oteh, had earlier been declared persona non grata by the same House a few months ago.

What offence did this lady commit? None known to law. The only other thing this lady did and for which she was applauded, was deflating the egos of some of the barely literate members of this House of Representatives. That gap in cerebration has cost this poor lady all the embarrasment we are seeing on National Television. What a Country.

When the rule of law is not present in a law making outfit, where can we go to look for it? When law makers turn themselves into judges, what other roles would remain for Judges? To replace facts with emotions and usurp the jurisdiction of the Judiciary in a democracy, by a select busy body of men and women of proven questionable mandates, can result in total collapse of norms and certain death of the system. The Nigerian legislature must return to their Constitutionally approved terrain if they must be taken seriously by the long suffering electorate who are presently managing to survive within a fraudulent system of impositions.

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Just as His Holiness the Pope is often referred to as the Bishop of Rome, there is someone in a large farm in Otta, Ogun State of Nigeria who has merited the same appellation and title but in slightly different fora. The Bishop of Otta is also the Pope of Nigerian politics.

How does the papacy operate?  One of the important duties of the Pope is consecration of Cardinals. Our Political Pope and Bishop of Otta consecrates Presidents and Governors in Nigeria. At the moment, we are hearing that he has commenced the task of screening people who will replace the incumbent president of Nigeria. Just yesterday, we are told, one of the veteran presidential candidates from the North of Nigeria, prostrated for the Bishop in a well attended function held in one of the states of the north.

Our Bishop has also commenced building and equipping a mosque within his sprawling library grounds. More than $40000 was raised at the venue of fund raiser for the mosque

It is difficult to find words to define the kind of democracy that places the responsibility of nominating a Presidential candidate on the laps of an old man. That potential candidates kneel down for this king maker is something not even seen in Communist China. The abberation is impossible to codify.

There was a certain military head of state in the same African country who locked this Bishop in jail for raising his head too high. Something the incumbent President might not have the courage to do. But this Abacha treatment could just be the only effective measure to call the bluff.

Halliburton scam and so many other dirty deals of the Bishop may just be the handiest tool to clip the mitre of our lord Bishop. An activist incumbent would have made mince meat of this folk who cherishes throwing his weight around.

There is only one President at a time. Now in Nigeria, it appears that we have two presidents, the political pope and the elected president. The pope criscrosses the length and breath of Nigeria constructing mines against the incumbent and the poor incumbent is just looking on as if to say “nothing spoil”

The people from so called majority tribes have come to see the south south minorities as insignificant entities in Nigeria. The incumbent president, coming from the minority area, must hit these chaps with a big hammer to remind them that he is in charge. Mr. President should not allow anybody to rubbish him. If this Bishop of Otta is so powerful, where did he hide his powers when ACN was demolishing him in the west of Nigeria?

These clay areas in the feet of the Bishop should be located and soaked in water to expedite the collapse of all intrigues this sinister folk is busy stacking up for the incumbent. The sooner Mr. Presisent deflects this threat the better.

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